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Why is my battery pack melting? Answered

I am new in electronics, and I am building an LED circuit with 2 AA batteries, green LED, and toggle switch. I put the batteries in the circuit (it's a 9v battery clip with a Two AA Battery holder) and it ran for a bit, then the bottom started to melt a bit. It is an older AA holder but the 9v clip is new. Is it because of the old component, switch, voltage, anything!



5 years ago

Somewhere you are drawing a heavy current easily fixed with
a sonic screwdriver..

Otherwise circuit drawing or two good pictures.


Your battery is shorted or at best being required to provide excessive current. Does the LEd light?

More detail needed to fault find precisely.

Hard to get yesterdays New member to even find their question let alone to actually be
detailed about AA 9Vbattery LED meltoids !

Did you put a resistor in series with the LED ?