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Why is my cat throwing up so much ? Answered

He throws anything liquid we try to give him back up. He is about 4 years old. He throws any solid back up too. It is almost like a white foam. He doesn't eat anything bad he just eats his cat food and water. By the way: he just got over a nasty cold that took him out for about 2 weeks. We are taking him to the vet but I want to know whats wrong. Answers ASAP!!!!!!


Taking him to the vet is the right answer. Let the vet determine what's wrong.

Could be anything from extremely serious to minor. If the vet (an expert) can't give you a diagnosis over the phone, we amateurs have no business trying to do so over the Internet.

I wish.... From what I can gather it's much worse than that.

I don't always get filled in on all the information because I'm 13.

13 is old enough to say "Look, I'm old enough to know what's going on, and I'd rather be worried now than be surprised later."

Ok, let me rephrase that. I get filled in on everything that is happening but the truth is my parents really didn't know what was wrong either so they really had nothing to tell me. But, the cat is home from the vet and he got three shots. 1 to stop vomiting, and 2 more injections of saline. The vet thinks he has pneumonia. He also has antibiotics that we give him once a day for 14 days. So things are looking up for him. The only real reason I posted this question was so I could sort-of pass the time while he was at the vet.

Good to hear it's under control.

(I lost my own cat about 15 years ago -- admittedly she'd had a nice long life -- and never got around to replacing her. Adopting a cat or two is one of my New Year's reservations.)

Glad you parents did the right thing and it's looking better for the cat.

We see similar questions here and other answer sites very often and too many times people really are trying to get a real answer from us so you can see why we might yell about the vet. Lots of people think if it's sick and can't get well on it's own then too bad.

Anyway good luck with the cat.