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Why is my computer (windows 7) not opening any programs? trying to fix damge caused by a virus i had Answered

i got a virus recently, but with malwarebytes anti-malware as well as superantispyware, have removed the threat. but i think i still need to fix some of the damage done. every program i try to open (firefox, IE, skype, games, most files, even the shut down/restart) it will act like its loading for a few seconds, then nothing will happen. i am running windows 7. i have looked up some information for the past couple days, and think it might have to do with the registry/file associations, which i know almost nothing about. my computer is basically useless outside of safe mode, so i would much appreciate any help i can get!


My all applications are changed in to notepads l can't open any one all application are not running

Did you run malwarebytes and super antispyware from safe mode or from regular desktop?.Some trojans and rootkits can spoof your software , best update them and run again in safemode.Download CCleaner and GlaryUtilities and run their registry repair"stuff" while in safemode as well.

Good Luck

As long as you can boot into windows, you should be able to do an repair ("upgrade") install from the install CD. It's worth a shot considering the likely alternative would be starting over. It will wipe out some settings but it will keep your programs, data, etc.

Once again, the importance of making backups....

I would try re-associating exe files with explorer. I had this on a customers machine, any exe program would try to open with internet explorer instead of simply opening. I found this registry file, merged it and it worked.

You will need to download this file on another computer, transfer it to the problem computer with a flash drive and double click it.  It merges the one entry in the file with your computers registry.

This is a link to the file I used.  Click on download, then save the file to your flash drive.


5 years ago

It appears that mine is not the most popular opinion but I have always looked at formatting a drive and reinstalling as a last resort idea. There are some times when I have done it because of not having another option but it is never my first choice. To me it is like burning down your house to get ridd of roaches. It works, but other ways are better. Or like nuking a city to get rid of a terrorist cell. It works too but there is a lot of collateral damage. You can fix many of the problems in a OS just by looking it up and applying the information. It is what Microsoft does. Otherwise they would not have all of those people trying to patch problems. They would just tell you to format and start over. The rarely tell anyone to do that.

No Virus removal tool is complete. The only real way to get rid of a virus is to wipe the HDD and reinstall everything. This is still your best bet for fixing the problems your having. If your reasonably sure your important saved files are clean and will load fine then back those up before you do anything. Hopefully you keep a recent backup and won't need to try and use files that could be caring remnants of the virus over to the fresh install.


Use the backup facility available in win 7 - It's slow but works.

Alternatively get a copy of Norton Ghost to copy your hard drive.

If you have no back up can you restore to an much earlier date?

Failing all that dig out your win 7 DVD and reload - It's a good idea to do this every 12 to 18 months anyway. You will be amazed how fast you computer is after the restore.

Restoring to a previous date may restore the infected files and start the problem all over again. Best bet is a wipe and reinstall.


5 years ago

With Windows 7 its a combination of File association and windows services. IF some of the services have been deleted then things will not work. I recently did a repair on one that had the Plug and play services deleted. If you know which services are damaged you can import them into the registry from another computer. If you only have the one computer though it might be a little difficult to do. The services are listed in the registry (they appear in your your computer as a list but they are in a special section of the registry ) and you can export them from a good computer and then import them into your broken one. Once those are in place then its fixed.
A second trick that I have seen the virus's do is to change the permissions on running a program. This could also be what is going on with yours. When you try to run a program sometimes you will get a box open that asks if its ok to run this program. What the virus does is it changes the permissions to max so nothing will run because nothing has permission. There are multiple ways to change this back depending on what your computer will allow you to do. I believe Microsoft even has an autofix. The worst virus makes the changes and then deletes the service so you can't change it back. Then you have to fix the service and finally reset it back to normal.

You can fix these things but it might take a little work. I think its less work than doing a reinstall considering that you will need to get all the drivers, all the current updates and then reinstall all your programs. If you use your computer a lot doing that can take days. If you want to pursue a fix let me know and I will see what I can find or you can just Google it and find the fixes yourself. The one that I fixed with the security settings problem I had to use command line instructions (type the fix into the command box). If you are comfortable doing that then go for it.