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Why is my dirt bike unable to start? Answered

I have a 2004 yamaha ttr-225. If i let it sit for a week or longer, it wont start unless i put gas in the cylinder. I have fresh gas. do you think it is the carbeurator, or fuel lines? jeesh another yamaha of mine that is being diffucult.


there is no problem with your bike what i thik it is tht the gas leaks out of the carbeurator tube win it sits to long just take it to a bike shop and the will fix it.

When running it try to use up all the fuel in the tank and when starting give it gas. Not to much or you will flood the engine.

If you have electric start than maybe the battery's dead, or maybe there's old gasoline in the tank. Drain any old gasoline and replace it with new gasoline and recharge the battery. Also, the spark plug might have old gasoline or something in it. Dry off the spark plug and give 'er a go.

dude i said in the question i have fresh gas and ya my  batt is fully charged the engine just turns over continiously with no signs of flamage- unless i take the plug out and put gas in the cylinder.

Because there is a zebra stuck in the exhaust.

dude shut up i want a real answer i hate it how my bike wont start  after a week!!!!!

 like i told you you have water in your fuel because you left it uncovered for a couple of days when the wheel broke so go get the carb fixed plus your fuel lines are probably clogged remember i used to be a yahmaha tech (i quit my job there 2 weeks ago well i really got fired but still) 

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 i have a yamaha warrior and it sounds like a carb problem is it a kick or electric start

 lol sounds like a carb i have to buy a new one right now 400 bucks

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 sounds like yuor carb is clogged or screwed i work on yamahas and this always happens you also once you get it fixed you need to start it like every other day no need to ride it but just to avoid clogging and more carb damage

 i used to work in a auto slavge place and now i work in a yamaha dealership in buda texas as a mechanic and every day i work on about 15 bikes that are the same style as yours i also worked with dirtbikes motorcycles and cars for over 12 years i think I know what I am talking about eh?

 indeed but like i said in the first comment foolow that advice and your good to go your carb you should be able to remove your self if you have the right tools but I would take it to a mechanic that your family knows and trust and have him or her take it out and clean it or take it to a small engine repair place 

Are you putting the choke on before you try to start it?

I had a Montessa 250 once that if I didn't choke it to start, I could kick start or push start it for ever and it never would even pop.  Put the choke on and just look at the kick start and it would fire up.

Does it run good when you do get it started?

Yes, i put the choke on! Yamahas have a reputation of long warm-ups. Even a day after i drove it, i need to apply the choke to start it. it runs OK but not to its full potential. btw mine only has e-start.      :P

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8 years ago

Its sounds to me like you need to clean and flush the complete fuel system.
Start at the top, drain the fuel from the tank and dispose of it properly. Don't save it.
Remove the tank, petcock(s) fuel filter and hose(s). Flush the tank with clean water, dry with compressed air and examine the inside for rust and or fuel varnish and clean with a tank cleaner available at an MC or auto parts dealer. Clean the petcocks and replace the hose(s) and the fuel filter.
Remove the bowl from the carburetor and clean out any residue. Replace the gasket and re-assemble.
Re-assemble the fuel system and add fresh fuel.
In the future, drain the tank and fuel system, if you plan on storing the bike for more than a couple of weeks.

.  Make sure the petcock is turned on.
.  Make sure there is fuel in the tank.
.  Make sure the fuel line between tank and carb is clear.
.  If all that checks out, time to clean or rebuild the carb.

Could be a sticky throttle plate in the carb. Take the cover off and run the choke back and forth a couple of times and see if anything moves. I used to have a car that would only start if you wedged the throttle plate open (I used the air filter nut). After it started, it was fine. Made driving anywhere on rainy days a big pain in the keister, though.