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Why is my laptop not even finding the wi-fi signal? Answered

I took my lap top to a friends house for the day and when I returned, it wouldn't even find the signal.  I tried my desktop to be sure it wasn't the laptop, but the signal, and the desktop worked fine.  I even went and sat next to the router but the laptop still could not find the signal!  Anyone got any advice?


Is there a physical switch somewhere on the laptop that needs to be enabled?

Holy crap. complete fail. I just remembered that I turned off that button because it kept asking me to search for Wi-Fi and it got annoying. Simple solution to a complex problem You are a life saver my friend. A life saver :D

If we knew the make and model of the laptop and what OS you're running, we might be able to help troubleshoot. If we knew what you did with it at your friends house (i.e. connect to your friend's wireless/wired network and played games, surfed the net using a cellular modem, dropped it in the toilet, etc.) that might be helpful as well.

Is the desktop connected by wire or wireless?

see if the wireless connection is enabled in "network connections" (just right click on the wireless connection icon) otherwise: Go to Mac Donalds. they have free wi-fi.

On most laptops you can turn the wifi on and off - i it configured?

Is it broken has it ever worked?