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Why is my new router not picking up on my laptop but works on everything else? Answered

I bought a new router, and my smartphone will pick up the signal, but laptop isn't connecting unless pluged into router. I spent hours on the phone with the company who made the router, and we did everything and went through every step. They said it has to be a setting on my laptop for the internet connection. Please help~!!!!


How old is your laptop? What standards do the laptop and router support? Wireless A, B, G, or N? Can you see the network on the laptop and just can't connect to it?

+1... the wireless standard is the most likely thing that would happen... IMO.

Did you happen to give the new network the same name as the old network? If so the security protocol or password may have changed and it's trying to connect with the old info. Go into the list of networks it has ever connected to and delete the old one and the new one then do a manual connect to network and make sure you are putting in the correct protocol (WPA, WPA2, etc) and password.


In addition to my answer (whether or not the laptop works on any wifi at all) this is the most likely answer.

Can the laptop see other wifi addresses?