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Why is my own made IR dongle for android only working with dslr remote app? Answered



If you want proper help we need proper informations.

Thinks like: What type of dongle are you using?

What software did you try?

What standard is the dongle supporting?

No every app supports external dongles....

How can I make IR dongle with more power???

I made my own IR dongle with 2 IR leds and 3.5mm audio jack and I tried with Irdroid?

There is your problem.

You need more power to start with.


IRDROID offer documentation and schematics for this project, also ready to go blasters.

You can use the cam on your mobile (or any other digital cam) to check for signals from the blaster - if it works you see it blinking in the cam.

I am actually surprised that you got it working at all without an external battery or the use of special low voltage ir diodes.


3 years ago

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