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Why is my solar ipod charger not charging? Answered

I have combined Goodatlt's charger and Sitnalta's charger and made a charger that has support for ipods. I am using 2 7.5v 250ma solar panels wired in parallel without diodes. When I plug in my ipod touch 1st gen, it says it is charging, but the battery level is decreasing. Is it dicharging? Do I need diodes on each panel? Should I wire it in series? My schematic is below. Please Help!


Ok. Now I'd suggest that you post it in your question, so others will look. I didn't mean to suggest that I was going to answer, merely that without a proper reference, you will be less likely to receive the info you want.

Sorry if I mislead you.

Cool. Didn't want to offend, just trying to get authors to add important info in the header (the question)thanks for your understanding :-) Good luck!

Please provide complete schematic of the circuit you built.