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Why is my solar ipod charger not working? Answered

I have a ipod touch 3rd gen and when I hook it up to my solar charger it says "charging is not supported with this accessory. This also happens when I hook it up to my bose sounddock series 1.



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USB ports divide into essentially two categories: Those with data, and those without. Most "dumb" chargers skip the USB data lines in order to save money. The Apple-compatible USB ports offer a connection on the data lines that simulates a port on a computer (notice how iPods & iPhones have no problem with the validity of any computer ports?). Apart from this, the port has to offer enough power for some Apple devices to accept it. I believe that this level is at least 500mA on the newer devices like iPhone 4.
At Modern Outpost I try to test every USB port on all solar devices to confirm whether it is Apple-Friendly or not. If the port is supposed to be Apple-friendly, but you find that the iPhone is not accepting it, then most likely it is a power issue. I run into this from time to time with smaller solar devices. In this case, use a small USB battery between the solar panel & iPhone that can not only store the solar power, but then deliver the power that the Apple (or other) USB devices are wanting.
Hope this helps!

It has nothing to do with authentification chips or Apple wantin you to buy Apple products. This ist standard USB 2.0 charging spec. The iPhone communicates with the charger to decide how much amps it can draw from the charger/host. If you put a voltage devider on the datalines, that puts between 1,3 and 2,5 volts onto both datalines, the Iphone will recognize the charger as wall charger and start charging. If you charger is big enough, everything will be alright. If you want to charge with less then 500mA like most solar chargers without battery buffer, then switch to charging circuits shown here in Instructables, because the iphone will otherwise draw more energy (because it thinks it is attached to a wall charger and therefore is not in powersaving mode) then it is getting through the charger. Regards Ecki

Or, as opposed to splicing, you can buy a "converter" from "The Source", "Radioshack" or "Circuit City" that just plugs into the dock and lets you charge it.
They also cost about 5 $.


8 years ago

Yep, good old Apple proprietary requirements for  iPod Touch makes you use a "Licensed and Certified" Apple product with an authentication chip built in.
You can get around this by buying a charging cable for  iPod/iPhone 2G/3G, and splicing the iPod plug from it onto the cable of the device you already have.
You can get the cables at Deal Extreme for less than $5 U.S.

The charger was designed to sharge an Ipod (regular) instead of an iTouch

The charger on a iTouch put out a special signal that enables the iTouch to charge