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Why is that little solar panel sneaking about... Answered

That little solar panel that popped up behind robot, it was a link before but now it's in a sensible place... 

Actually it was a little advertising easter egg earlier but now it's sitting there in its rightful place all smug and whatnot, lording it over me like some kind of photovoltaic fuhrer, thinks he's so good with his ability to turn photons in to voltage differentials, like I can't do that when I try. 



7 years ago

what the....

This reminds me. I need to figure out what's wrong with my tiny little panel.

What browser are you using? I just tried changing zoom myself (FF 3.6.12, MacOSX 10.5.8), and the unitary solar-panel icon tracks the zoom. It doesn't leave multiple copies of itself.

Looks like they've finally got it where it belongs, powering the Solar pseudo-category.

Actually that just adds more questions since that's not where it was when I saw it... I'm on to it though, can't escape me...