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Why is the internet so slow the last 2 or 3 weeks? Answered

Some of you guys get off so us who have important things to do don't have to wait so long.


There is a shortage of internet, not enough to go around.

I know, that's why I suggested you get off so I can have a better turn. LOL

The Internet hasn't been. Your ISP, or the specific servers you're contacting, or your own machine would be the places to look for bottlenecks.


Well that would be a good answer except it's three major providers, three different locations and three different computers.

Google, instructables and wikipedia often seem very slow to me.

Have you tried using ping and traceroute? The latter will show you the individual routers (hops) between you and a destination, along with the time required to get to each one. The former just shows round-trip time between you and a destination. I have found these to be invaluble in identifying the location of a bottleneck.

The other prossibility would be that there's a major DOS attack burning up a lot of the bandwidth in your area.

The other other possibility is that you're just feeling impatient. "The slowest acceptable speed is the fastest response the user has ever seen."

You heard of that volcano in Iceland? International flights canceled etc?
Well, you've got loads of people, chatting to their families & friends internationally, people desperately trying to do work, video conferencing etc. Then you've got bored air-crews wasting time with YouTube etc...


Aw, Lemonie, I'm disappointed.  After your first sentence, I was hoping you'd explain how the volcanic ash got into the Intertubez, so everyone was having to clean out all of their filters and firewalls....

I thought about that first, but it would involve ocean-cables. Shipping data by air-mail was another, but ultimately I've had a hard day at work rather than a hard-night at the pub...


A night at the pub isn't hard. Coming home is.

It's slow because people like you are hogging all the bandwidth posting questions here on Instructables.

And compulsively commenting on everything you possibly can ; P 

I put a diverter splice in the main internet pipe, and I've been slowly siphoning off internets in order to further my plot for world domination, ultimate power and a trip to Disneyland. All your internets are belong to me!

Seriously, though. I've noticed it too, but I thought it was just my crappy ISP. Which it may have been....

I have three internets. Would you like to borrow one of mine until yours gets better?

Thanks but I'm in Texas and I don't have a cat5 cable that will reach to the UK.