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Why is there a knex gun here? Answered

Good group but why the knex gun ?



No one knows. I believe it all leads back to the first knex gun posted on instructables.

(your name here) must be every knex hater's worst enemy atm....

Not really.... I don't think he initially thought it would be this big nyways, and the K'nexers' other really annoying qualities (say, terrible grammar & spelling (coming from a foreign country is NOT an excuse, as you might already know I'm from Indo and English is my fourth language) ) is not really because of him.

Well, looking at your friend "the_Teacher_is_dead_haha", It would probably be excuse enough. Terrible grammar can happen to everyone, not just knexers.

True, but the majority of non-K'nexers who actually use this site on a regular basis have good grammar. The majority of K'nexers who use this site on a regular basis, on the other hand, have terrible grammar.

mehaswellgrammer jk lol i have good grammer

i just can't spell very well

Most of the non knexers are just ppl who post 7 or 8 comments, maybe an ible or forum, then never come back.

some of the dutch people may not have had any oppertunites to learn english anyways....

Dude, I'm an Indonesian. It's much more further away from any English-speaking countries than Dutch, and I can speak four languages, albeit only being fluent in two (Indonesian and English).

How can they not have any opportunities (LOL you (fail) at spelling this word, and no DJ, I didn't use SpellCheck)? They are probably just lazy, I took the time to ask my parents for English lessons and became pretty fluent at it when I'm 8.

lulz stupid spellcheck told me the one I used was correct. but you fail at using parenthesis, so we're even.

Dangit..... OK, we're even. Happy? :-P

I cant believe how much we pwn....

Y'know, I was wondering that myself yesterday. Think I'll remove it...