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Why is there no catfood with mouse flavour? Answered

Why is there no catfood with mouse flavour? I know for fact that cats eat mice :).



Best Answer 9 years ago

im pretty sure they dont want cats to get used to that taste and bring home a bunch of chewed up mice

Catfood isn't marketed to cats, they're marketed to humans who own cats. Take a hard look at the next cat food commercial you see. They'll make a point of how delicious it is, and maybe even show you a bunch of fresh-looking tasty ingredients. It's for cats to eat, but cats don't watch TV and cats don't have wallets... so the stomach they must appeal to is yours.

It's true, i never have eaten mouse. However, i have never sniffed catnip for joy, yet i bought it for my cat. I also bought liver flavoured catfood, even tho i don't eat liver. So i have to say that your logic fails here :).

. I have to say your logic fails. GF is 100% correct. It's the same with all pet products. If they were marketing to dogs, the food would be cat turd flavored ... but I don't think many owners would buy it.

Off course you are right. I shouldn't use irony as long as there is no tag for it. In fact, the whole question was not very serious.

Pet food is made of the bits of food leftover from the production of ready meals, Frozen foods, fast food ect, These are mixed up with grains and all other crap to make it resemble some form of food. It's then all sprayed with a flavour so it will be eaten and not ignored (That doesn't stop some cats though). Back to your question and with my answer we don't eat much mice so there's nothing left over to produce the cat food with, I'm sure there's most likely some novelty "Mouse" flavour cat food out there but I haven't seen it.


9 years ago

It is probably easier to obtain chicken, beef, fish etc, used to make the cat food since they are already mass produced and they probably get lower grades (quality) that can't be sold for human consumption, as well as by product. Whereas if they made mouse flavour, they would have to start up a mouse farm (or factory). Also, I'm sure that many of the companies making cat food also make dog food, likely form the same material, and I don't think mouse flavoured food would be marketable to dogs (owners).