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Why is this etsy thing so hard? Answered

I recently stumbled upon the site Etsy, Im sure you have heard of it but if not here is the link:

Is there some trick to selling. I feel as though most of the people who go there are creative people or fellow instructable members who can make their own things.

So, what product would you want  to purchase online that is handmade?

Also I just opened my account:


Here's the secret to selling on Etsy, sell...... Drum Roll Please.....


Do a search for top etsy sellers, look at what they sell, they sell supplies.

Wow, thank you that was actually extremely helpful and insightful. Ill definitely use your tips :D

As kablammo mentioned, you need to improve the look, and add more items. But, as for getting the word out, not only do you need a good look, and good products, you need to "advertise" correctly. For instance, alittlestranger posts her projects on ibles, and links to her etsy account, driving sales. Try advertising to family, friends, friends of friends..... The best type of advertising is by word of mouth. Also try online communities where you have a decent standing, and put a link to your etsy in your signature (on some forums), throw it in the personal description of online profiles, etc. But don't spam, or I'll bring the backhand.

The problem is there are a lot of sellers and a lot of items on Etsy, so it can take a while for someone to head over to your shop, and even longer for someone to be interested in what you're selling.

My girlfriend and I usually purchase jewelery like necklaces and bracelets and small crafty items like miniature clay or felt animals from Etsy, but most of the time it's a case of having a browse there and seeing if anything catches our eye.

The more interesting pages often are the ones that catch our eye, for example we recently bought a small felt bear on Etsy (similar as the one in the picture), as the page contained a story of Mr Bear and his friend the owl, which added a nice personal touch to the item, and made it feel as though we were buying something that was lovingly made rather than put together for a profit.

As for your Etsy site, it would be helpful if you had more items for sale other than just the wallet, and maybe make it a bit more interesting. I know I'd be a lot more interesting in it if the money actually WAS included, for example, even if it was only a couple of cents.

I hope this helps give you some direction in your Etsy-capades, and above all, don't give up!