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How much is worth this mower? Answered

I want to sell it, but:

 * I do not know how much money is worth this mowers.

    And where I can I sell it?

Dated 1825.



Those spikes move as the wheels move, yes?

I'd think it was either a hedge trimmer (pull it up one side of a road and back down the other to keep the road clear) or, if the cutting blade will lay down flat, it's an early mechanised harvester.

You could sell it at a rural fair (advertise it online first) or through a specialist agricultural auction house, but I have no idea how much for.

How much is worth this mower?

It's worth whatever somebody will pay, but I seriously doubt it's worth anywhere near $10k.

Try browsing eBay to get an idea.

The question is who will buy it, Not how much is it worth... :)

Someone said it's worth $ 10,000

sickle bar mower. old school. google the stuff printed in the casting.

How much is worth this mower?


It is basically a lawn mover but used on crops.
In the old days this machine would cut the wheat or even corn while some nice girls sorts and pick them up.

Most could be flipped from horizontal to vertical like yours to allow the use in wine yards but it seems yours was dedicated for this.
A horse or small tracktor would pull the mover through the rows and all wine is cut back to an even lenght.
After that a few people walk trough for the fine trimming.
If you check the width of yours you will notice it should fit right between the rows of wine somewhere in the neighbourhood.