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Why isn't my flashdrive displaying an icon? Answered

I wanted to make my flashdrive display an icon and a label, so I created an autorun file to do so. The label is being displayed, but the icon is not displaying at all. I hope I didn't add too many pictures.


I do not hink it has been removed yet on linux.

Even if it was, you could put it back in by editing your udev rules. (Tricky but someone who wants to and knows how will probably post some instructions.)

That's the good thing about linux, in a nutshell.

I have seen rootkits, but never a virus on linux. There are exceptions if you run WINE, CROSSOVER OFFICE, or the like. But then that is not native linux. I have not had trouble not seeing an icon on linux even before udev. The average user should not have to deal with that. Nine times ouf of ten when I see an issue is when on mswindows machines the user likes to run with admin rights or the admin password is compromised. On linux, we recommend only use admin rights sparingly.

P.S. you can do this in linux without any real risk of triggering viruses - the code to do it sits on the computer not the flash drive. icon viruses are technically conceivable but pretty unikely.

Most recent windows update removed autorun capability from usb drives -- too many viri.