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Why isn't removing blood from your bloodstream a good way to reduce high blood pressure? Answered

We were discussing about blood and blood pressure in Biology one day, and I asked my biology teacher this question.  She said that the blood pressure would shoot back up again, but didn't really elaborate.

Can someone here explain why this isn't a good fix for High blood pressure?


Blood pressure is high because the body is actively _keeping_ it high. Donating blood (which I do on a regular basis) may lower your blood pressure very temporarily, but then the muscles tighten and the body replaces the lost fluid (almost immediately, given the chance, which is why they want you to stay in the "canteen" for 15 minutes and drink some juice or soda or water after donating) and it goes right back to where it was.

To lower blood pressure, you need to convince the body that a lower pressure is OK.

Drinking a glass of water works way better than going into shock...

Honestly, the guy you selected as best answer is a bit off on this. High-blood pressure takes place near the heart, this is what my Life-Science teacher told me. So if you wanted to relieve high-blood pressure, you'd have to cut into a place near your heart, but doing that would hurt yourself is what my teacher told me. Your heart constantly beats at a steady pace, so if someone with high-blood pressure heart is beating, it usually beats a bit faster, which is why you see people who run with high-blood pressure huff n' puff after hardly running anything. Cutting your blood stream open would just make you bleed but not relieve blood pressure. But yes Orksecurity is partially right, your body is actively keeping your blood pressure high, so your heart would start beating faster again with in no time.

because highblood pressure is actually related to how much and how fast the blood is passing through your veins, arteries, and cappilaries so if you have a build up of plaque in your arteries removing blood will not help.

Well, I'm no doctor, so I'm not 100% sure, and don't quote me on this, but I think that blood pressure is how much blood your body makes (or with how much force), so high blood pressure can damage blood vessels (and do other bad stuff), but after taking blood out, it will fill back up.

Again, I have no clue, but I just want to know how far off I am. This is mainly for my self esteem. Don't judge.

i dont know anything about this but its just a bad idea to take away blood to cure high blood sugar with a needle?

. Hypertension is caused by many things. How much blood you have is way down the list (as orksecurity points out, the body does a great job of regulating blood volume, so any changes will likely be very short-lived).

The pressure would backfire into the needle, shattering (?) it into a billion pieces giving the operator severe face injuries and that is why you shouldn't open up the bloodstream. Stick that in your teachers face and see what she has to say.