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Why my netbook is not working? Answered

I have a Packard Bell Netbook which is 1 year old.One day when I switched it own it didnt start only the fan ran for 1 second and stopped and the power light on with the screen showing nothing.Please help Me.




7 years ago

First place to start is with the battery. Is it charging? Does the charger still work? Can you find another similar battery to try?

yes all the things are working nicely and the charge light is on when i plug in the charger

try a static discharge, unplug it from the wall, take out the battery, and hold the power button down for about 30-45 seconds. put the battery back in and hope it turns on, if not, i have a feeling your laptop met the same fate my acer did, something just went kaput on the motherboard, my acer would turn on, then turn the fans off and keep the power light on with everything else off.

if the static disharge didnt help, try contacting packard bell and see if your laptop is still under warranty or see if they could fix it for you.

Try this :-
Take the battery and the power lead out.
Wait 5 minutes.
Put the battery in, connect the power lead and turn on the power (but not the netbook).
Wait 5 minutes, cross your fingers then turn the netbook on.