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Why my new instructable can't add to the Moderated group"New authors, come get some free stuff!" ? Answered

Hi! I'm a new author,just now I have published my first instructable,and want to add it to the group:New authors(www.instructables,com/group/newauthors/ ) to participate in the activity,but it says: You currently have no eligible Instructables, Videos, or Photos that aren't already added to this group. Submit an Instructable to Enter Now! What does it mean?I think my new instcuctable is eligible to this group.And what can I do to add to it?
Thank you!


Have you joined the group?

I think you need to join it before you can submit to it.

If you're already a member, best send a PM to Scoochmaroo, who runs that group.

On the members profile page, you can see a thumbnail for the Instructable, but on the left column, there is no menu link for Instructables.

Would that be due to being held up in the filters? If so, then it wouldn't be possible to post it to a group until it was cleared.



The website has a filtering system to catch things that don't belong on the website, and sometimes it stops perfectly acceptable Instructables like yours, and at the moment its waiting in a list to be checked by a staff member.

So I would suggest trying again later or tomorrow. Until your Instructable clears from the filters, it won't be possible to add it to a group (and that's why it says you have no eligible instructables to post).

Yes,the problem is what you said!Today I tried again and I can add to it!
Thank you very much for your detaily reply!:)

Thank you for your answer!:)I waited for some hours and now I can add to it.