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Why my remote controller doesn't work? Answered

Good evening at all!
I've a remote controlle which IR led still always turn on. When I press a button (e.g. power on) the receiver (a digital tv receiver) doesn't work.

I've tried to clean up the button contacts with a drop of nail polish remover, I've changed batteries, but nothing!

What can I do?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Get a cheap universal remote and try it out. If it works then your original remote is bad. If the universal doesn't work either then the receiver on the set may be bad.

It's possible that there is a problem with the ir receiver. However, your controller should not stay on. It is more probable that you have a stuck button. Make sure that there isn't anything on the circet board that could short something. Do this with canned air or a vacume. Do not use liquid or an air compressor.

As suggested before, get a cheap universal for testing.

Do you mean "circuit" board? If so, thanks, I will try also this solution.

Yes... I'm sorry, I was on my Android when I posted that, and without spell check I am a terrible speller. (In case you didn't notice) :)

check output with a digital camera

Well, I've tried! After I press a button on the controller, the IR led stay always on and turn off only when batteries are removed...

Well, I put my cell phone camera in front of the IR led and I saw a purple light.

Then I take off batteries from the remote controller and the purple light that come from IR led disappeard.

Mmm not good - I guess your best bet is to go for the cheap universal remotn

Yes, actually I think also is the best thing to do...

Changing the batteries should have been the first test as it is just regular maintenance.

Did you really use nail polish on the contacts? Nail polish is a lacquer. So you put a layer of a plastic isolator on the contacts making them guaranteed useless.

Try to get the nail polish off with nail polish remover, although this may ruin the PCB completely.

I'm sorry for my poor english, I was wrong, I used a nail polish remover... =]