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Why my servo doesn´t work? Answered

Hi, I have tried this project :https://www.instructables.com/id/Control-Servo-Wit... , about controlling servo with headphone´s jack, I just bought 2 servos TowerPro SG90 and when I tried both, none worked. Firstly I tried it with a 3,7V battery, then with a USB (5V), later with a 5.2V battery and finally I put the same as the tutorial (9V) but it didn´t work. I tried with the audios provided in the tutorial and I did new ones with audacity, with 1000hz frec 1ms duration (clockwise) and 500hz 2ms duration(counterclockwise), coping and paste every 20ms until completing 2 sec, but it didnt do anything. I want to know if I am doing something wrong or the servos are just broken (newly purchased).

I edit, I just realized that if I apply 5V on the signal wire, it moves, is that because it is broken?

Thanks for the help!