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Why nobody can live their whole lives without failing. Answered

It is officially impossible for anybody to live their full lives without failing.

The reason why is because if you never fail, you fail at failing. Makes sense?

I just posted this cuz I was bored, and I'm rollin' in mah six-fo' =P


If you fail at failing, then you have succeeded, ergo you have not failed.

Nicely done, Mr K.

I'm going to start calling you Mr Kite, it's too perfect fitting a song to not do so.

That's very close to what my pupils call me.

well I can see how replying to this like I should would lead to a paradox comment, so Im gonna say this instead.

Yes, succeeded at failing, so you fail and succeed at the same time.

You can only fail at something if you were trying to do it. And I just noticed that's what lemonie said (in a mystic way) when I scrolled down to the comment box. Kudos, lemonie.

Yes, failure is inextricably linked to trying or attempting something. Accidents are not failures. L

both of you have good points and are probably right. ;-) But I was talking about the fails like the unintentional ones on failblog.

No, I know everyone has to fail at some point, because nobody is perfect, so I just accept it, move on, and forget the past.


9 years ago

Haha what a coincidence, as I'm reading your post I'm listening to Cruisin' in my 64. What version are you listening to?

Im listening to "let me ride", where "Rollin' in my six-fo'" is a line.

Just like doing nothing is impossible.

Get a blog, then post there.

I think it'd work well, there's evidently people who want to know what you have to say, and it appears you have a lot to talk about.

Not really, this is an idea I have had since I first saw failblog.

"Trying is the first step to failure." "If you don't make plans, nothing can go wrong (fail)." L