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Why use luxeon K2 star when you can use Gullwing form for high power led? They're about 1/4 of the price. Answered

I want to build a high power led project which use a lot of LED.  At futureelectronics.com, the gullwing form is 2.50$, while the K2 star is 9.50$.  Specs reveals that the gullwing form is not insulated and should be, but that doesn't seems to be such a hard task, is it?  Also, people with high-power led instructable seem to prefer K2 star.

Am I missing something here?


you can obtain the star led cheaper on ebay.  Also note: stuff like 5mm leds are much more efficient than these high pwr ones

there are a lot of variables that go into an engineer's choice of components for a design. Power, pkg, spectral content, price, availability, reliability, ease of use, thermal considerations, source, etc all come into play. It may be that to get the same effective power with reliable operation and similar longevity, and engineer needs to perform more steps to use one form over another, so although it looks cheaper, it *could actually cost more for an engineer to use it effectively.

K2 is obsolete for new designs apparently - that won't help prices.
Replaced by the Rebel White.