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Why was my Edward Scissorhands costume ineligible? Answered



It would appear that you were "ineligible" because you failed to provide any instructions whatsoever.

There is only the words "home made and I can't sew"...

Thanks. Originally it was accepted and then it was rejected. I didn't "make" the hands but modified them. Thought that might be why. But some people didn't make the belts and I did so........ But I'm new to this!! Forgive my ignorance!

That's okay. People are forever modifying things for projects. Just give a full explanation of what you did by editing your Instructable (so that it can be replicated by the reader), and then re-submit it for the contest(s). (Also ensure that you have met all requirements in the "official rules").

If you need some pointers, refer to the Feature Checklist.

What contest specifically was it ineligible for? You can only enter it in three contests so if you submitted it in 4 it will be rejected from one. Maybe if you added some text inside the guide about how you made the costume.

Dunno, it was a brilliant costume though :-(

It helps to put the URL into your question rather than a stream of photos, so people don't have to chase down what you're talking about.

I have no idea why you got an "ineligible" e-mail, but your submission is in the contest, as you'll discover if you look.