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Why wasn't my Instructable featured? Answered

I don't understand why my instructable wasn't featured, It looks :feature-worthy to me:



Here's the link, I wasn't able to paste it correctly in the forum topic


2 years ago

i think your question is not very well structured. some people may think you sound cocky and self-involved, which i believe you are not

if you are to look at the situation is a greater scale. it is a fun phenomenon on how -ibles are featured or not...

I have seen featured -ibles with high effort build and superb outcome, but close to zero documentions.

i have also seen featured builds that look cool but all they did is to download a pepfile or 3d models that others did on other forum/site. for which they didnt do much work on it!

So got feature solely for their sense of humor, or that the author is a featured author.

but then again, instructable is a place of diversity, not an examination with absolutely standard nor a pH paper. I guess we should have fun and nurture our own style of writing and sharing. Since interaction is more precious and social notoriety right? Regardless, please note that the community is always thankful for any contribution you input into making great -ibles!!

not every instructable gets featured and a better place to post this is The Clinic

What do you mean? Every good 'Ible gets featured...

I think this is definitely "feature-worthy"