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Why we absolutely hate mini and lego knex Answered

Please post why you tottoly hate mini and lego knex.


Lego and mini knex suck because it isn't the regular knex we know anymore...
Our passion is to build guns, not to make thing too easy with adding lego to it.
I think lego is way too easy to build, because you can just fill every little hole up.
With knex you need to think your way out if something isn't working.
That's my reason why I hate lego and mini knex.

That is so true, my gifted teacher has them and all we do is make catapults that shoot the blocks and bows that shoot the mini's

I hate lego knex but i dont have anything against micro knex because i have seen the micro tds which looks good to me, check it out out here:

I don't know why, but I cant reply to your comment. (miniclipper)
Well, shoot the mini and lego pieces as far away as you can to make me happy!:D

Micro K'nex is very thin and flimsy. It can easily be broken or bend because of that. I once made a gun and the firing pin was literally bent and touching the barrel. And I'm not used to the sizes of the rods (how white rods can snap 3 connectors on them, but the yellow-Micro rods hold 4). And the spacers are really awkward sizes, compared to the .5 and 3 connector width for normal spacers.
Mostly it's just personal preference, but the weakness of the rods is a big problem for me.

"Please post why you tottoly hate mini and lego knex."

Why, can't you think of your own reasons?

Seriously, get a life.

That was a bit below the belt Kiteman :P Even so, I agree.

After pointing out that there are spelling errors and that the base post of a thread shouldn't have them and when asking for people's opinions one should give his own to spark more ideas I would like to say that a large problem with the mini k'nex is the proportions which would make making guns harder because one would have to created new techniques. For example I can't just make the trigger design I use smaller without researching which parts would make it work. As for the k'nex bricks they seem to me as plagerism off of Lego and now it is hard to find good k'nex tubs which don't have them taking up lots of space which classical k'nex could replace. By this I mean that only some of the 400 or so parts are the usable classical k'nex. Also I want to point out that you should reply to comments using the orange reply button which I am sure you can find at the lower right side of the comment.

First I have a life and second I want peoples opinions.

I think taht is a good point i hate them because you cant make any cool stuff with it.