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Why will an instructables dissapear by itself? Answered

Hi!  I would really appreciate some help here.  My project "Motorized kite string winder! - a piece of junk that works" was posted for a couple of days.  It was featured and was included in the kite contest.  Now tonight when I look for it, it is not posted and is in drafts.  Before, during the time I was working on it, it mysteriously posted itself without me doing anything.  I edited it and re posted it, but now it's off again.   I would appreciate some help in why it's doing this.  It has me puzzled.     Thanks! 



5 years ago

Your winder is definitely published (I can see it on your member page), and it has even been Featured! However, when I go to the Featured browsing pages, I can't find it. It ought to be around page 4 or 5 right now, but I don't see it.

There may be some interaction between cookies or browser add-ons on your system, and the nasty, complicated, homebrew JavaScript stuff that supports I'bles. It will be useful to the Staff if you could edit this topic to include the following information:

1) Your operating system, and the browser you are using;
2) The public URL of your project;
3) The private URL of your project, which you see when you edit it;
4) Any browser add-ons you have active.


Reply 5 years ago

Thanks for the reply! I tried re-publishing it last night (9/16), and it does show up now on my page, like you said. (It wasn't there before I republished it.) The other problem now is that it is not in the kite contest. It was in there for a few days before it disappeared. It might be a problem with my browser and add-ons like you said. I had noticed before that my comments and views differed when viewed by another pc. I would check that now, but my dad is away with the other laptop.

To answer your questions in order:
1) My operating system is Windows 7. I am using Mozilla Firefox as my browser.
2) URL of project: https://www.instructables.com/id/Motorized-kite-string-winder-a-piece-of-junk-that-/
3) URL when editing: https://www.instructables.com/id/edit/?instructableId=EC1FUXZHLA231CY#instructableId=EC1FUXZHLA231CY,stepId=SSAJA1EHLA231CX
4) Browser add-ons: Adobe Acrobat, Java Platform SE 7 U11, - (that one may be the problem?) Quick Time, Real Player, and Shockwave.

Thanks for the help! If you need any more information just ask!


I see it as published. Can you please clear your browsers cookies completely and refresh the page. After, can you let me know exactly what you see that doesn't look right. A screen capture would really help.


Reply 5 years ago

Thanks! One last thing, if you can -- to the right of this post, you should see a box labelled "Author Options", including "Edit". If you could re-edit this topic, and move it to the Help Bugs category, then staff will be more likely to see it and respond. "Burning Questions" is meant more for project or idea-related questions, not technical problems with the Web site.