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Why will my power washer only run on choke? Answered

 I have a typical small engine power washer which was running fine the first day I used it this year even on the old fuel. When I got a can of new fuel this year, it would start and run while I had the choke on, but when I tried to take the choke off, it would simply die. This was the case even after it had run awhile. I was able to adjust the speed from rabbit to turtle and back to rabbit with no problems. However, while it is in choke, I just am not getting the same power. What could be causing this small engine to only run in the choke position? It has oil.
This is New Jersey, and every gas station now has ten percent ethanol mixed into the gas. I can guess that this has something to do with it, but how can I fix the problem? What exactly is the problem?



Best Answer 8 years ago

.  If you can't adjust the mixture screw, I'd rebuild the carburetor.
.  There are several possible problems. The mixture screw has become misadjusted. The float in the fuel bowl could be saturated, causing a lean mixture. Some sludge from the old gas may have worked its way into a small passage. &c


Answer 8 years ago

I would guess sludge or corosion from the ethanol/gas mixture.  That's going to be a problem in small engines that sit with gas in the tank.


8 years ago

You could take the carb' apart and clean it.
Then fit a fuel-filter if it doesn't have one
And check the air-filter is in good condition.