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Why wont a 5.47 gb file fit on a 500 gb usb external hard drive? Answered

I am trying to transfer an mpeg file that is 5.47 gb to a 500 gb usb external hard drive for use on a different computer. Why wont the file transfer. It says it is too big to fit on the hd and it wont fit into a compressed zipped folder.


If the external drive is formatted as FAT or FAT32, it will only support a 4GB maximum file size. If you need to save files larger than 4GB, you'll have to reformat it to an OS-specific format, like NTFS (Windows) or HFS (Mac).

CameronSS's response is typically the problem.

WinRAR and other compression programs let you split archives into chunks.  Chunk < 3 gb will do it for a work around.

RAR Volume Splitting.jpg

You can select "store" under "Compression Method" to save time, since video files are already very efficiently compressed.  Splitting into smaller chunks (like 100M or 1 gig) is good since if a chunk is corrupt after being copied, you only have to recopy one piece, not the whole file.  That would also allow you to make a backup of the file on a couple of 4.7 gig DVD blanks.

If you don't want to use any of those ideas you could try formatting an 8 gig sd card in ntfs and copy to that. Otherwise you could boot up a live linux cd and use that to format an sd card or flash drive to a linux file system, copy the file to it, take it to the PC you want it on, boot that to live linux and copy the file over to the other PC. Linux is happy with all the Windows formats as well as many others.
Afterwards re-format the sd/flash back to fat32.

I have the same problem except a 9 gig file onto a 30 gb harddrive (ipod, with 100% fee space setted up to just be an external HD)

What format is on the external drive?


It is possible that the 500gb drive is not formatted correctly - can you read it OK? Can you see what is already on it? Due to a corruption it could give the impression that it is full. If you don't have anything on it that you value you could try re-formatting it.
Zipping an MPEG file is a non-starter - MPEGS are pretty compressed as it is and so there won't be much redundancy for the zip program to squeeze out.