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Why wont my Stirling Engine Work!? Answered

ok... the thing will expand, but it will not contract. why is it not contracting??


Almost all Stirling failures are caused by one of 2 things - FRICTION or leaks. As models they are such low power systems that the slightest binding or sticky bearing will make them fail.

True, but only the low differential engines are really tricky to get running, for the reasons you suggest. Higher differential ones seem to be less finicky.

Pictures ? Rick is exactly right - you have too much gap or too much friction somewhere.


well i tested it before-pulled the displacer up, the power pistion popped up. put the displacer back down, the power piston went down. put the thing together, and it wouldnt retract, only expand. my displacer is a progresso soup can with a soldered on metal plate. the plate on the displacer is not airtight. i heard something clanking inside so i took the bottom off, and the solder came off the displacer :/

Well there's phasing the thing properly of course, but if something clanks, something is almost sure to be rubbing somewhere too.

I wouldn't have the slightest Idea because I think it's magic that they work at all. Post a photo or two so steve has something to go on.

And what KIND of Stirling engine is it ! How is it made ? Steve