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Why wont my computer charge or the screen come on? Answered

When I push the power button on my sony laptop all the lights come on. When I release the button the battery charge light turns off. I have checked the dc adaptor and it is good. The dc connector on the motherboard seems ok. could there be a problem with the power switch?


Yes, that' a possibility, although it's also possible that one or more of the battery cells have gone dead and cannot accept charge. I believe that some laptops prevent the system from maintaining power-on status if the cells are compromised.

If no-one else comes up with the solution, I'd suggest that you take it into a computer store, Best Buy or a similar outfit to have the battery pack tested and if necessary replaced.

does the computer power on?  fans, hdd noise, does the cd tray open?

does numlock work?

If no to any/most of the above then your computer is not booting and can be a pile of problems; battery, charging circuitry, power adapter (you checked), or motherboard failure...