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Why won't my e-mails from you scroll up or down anymore? Answered

I can not read my email from you anymore. they will not scroll up or down. How can I fix this problem?



6 years ago

There was a bug report posted a month ago about this issue, and the member is using Incredimail. Would that be what you're using?

Either way, I encourage you to add your comments to that bug report. Let staff know what program you are using to read your mail (including the version number). I will add a comment there now, to hopefully get the attention of staff and have this issue looked at more closely.

Here's a direct link to the bug report post:


You can also mark this question as answered (by clicking the blue button) since you'll get further assistance on the bug report page.


Answer 6 years ago

Yes I use Incredimail. So do you know where I can find out about the bug? I went to url you sent but they said it is not Incredimail????????
Thanks so much for answering so fast. :)


Answer 6 years ago

You're welcome. ;)

I would contact IncrediMail and CC the email to Instructables (at their service email address located at the bottom of the website). I would simply explain that a problem exists with viewing emails from Instructables because there is no scroll bar to view the full newsletter. I would be clear in saying that you were once able to view the newsletter email without issue, and try to be as accurate as to when the problem first began. I would include a screenshot to show the problem and ask that both sides take some time to look into the issue, since you are not the only IncrediMail user and Instructables Member who is having this problem

It may take someone at IncrediMail to discuss this issue with staff at Instructables to figure out why this is happening. All I know at this point, is that both sides are saying they are not the cause of the issue...

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.