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Why won't they upload? Answered

I'm trying to upload my pictures for a new instructable but they wont uplaod! All it does is say "Could not upload file 'HPIM2302.JPG'. Please try again as it may simply have been corrupted in transit." I've tried uploading them at least 4 times but it won't work!


Try using another browser, like opera, i kno that some of the features dont always like to work. i have to rite all my -ibles in FF instead of safari!


10 years ago

try deleting your avatar picture from your hard drive

Had the same problem. Seemed that a closing and opening of FF helped. Once though it took a reboot.....but I am not sure if the problem cleared itself or if the reboot helped *shrug*

Now I have all the pictures uploaded but it won't publish!

It does sound like they are experiencing "difficulties" doesn't it?

Same problem here. A other file did not work, and later it also did not work. I did not notice it attached an older image fo every try that failed out of my library though? Strange.

That's exactly what happened to me!

. If the file shows up in your library, delete it and try again.
. See if you can upload any files. If you can, then the file is probably corrupted. Try resaving it.
May be a temporary system glitch. Try again later.