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Why would i upload my creativity for free and have to pay to download others? Answered

Who the h e l l would do this? Let me get this straight. I upload something that took me time, energy, and sometimes shear genius, to create and in order for people to see this project they have to PAY for it? YOU MEAN I'M NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS BUT INSTRUCTABLES IS GETTING PAID? THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CAN GET ALL THIS FOR FREE ON YOUTUBE!



Best Answer 5 years ago

You don't have to pay for anything here...You can even participate in contest, where you can actually win something useful. What is your problem with Instructables? If you don't like this page, then you can leave, nobody will miss your whining.

Thank you, I can agree with you vricsi.
But if Moe hates Instructables so much, why did he choose a best answer?

I will tell you what, among other things I have received, I have 10 to 20 free pro memberships I have won posting here I will give you 1 free year pro membership and all you have to do is post an Instructable and be nice. Or you can go away.

Yea I had more I give them away some times to people that just posted an Instructable and don't have pro membership just to say thank you for posting.

I've done the same a few times.
If I like an Instructable posted by a non-member, I'll gift them a membership.

Moe, can you see the theme here - Play nice and we'll be nice back.

And grand instructables they are for stimulating reading.

My wife tells me that I must live long enough to collect on all of the generously
provided pro membership the staff has bestowed me.

Ok. After the very rude comment you posted to my question I had to look at your page. And, I have to say, if you hate instructables so much, and if all you are going to do Is make people seeking help or putting out their ideas feel awful, then delete your account. Go somewhere else. Putting out your insecurities on others projects or questions is just rude and you sound like a five year old kid who hasn't learned basic manners. Please, get a life and go somewhere else if you have nothing nice to say to anyone.

You don't have to pay anything to read the site, you don't even need to join.

You don't have to pay to turn pro, just contribute enough to be given a pro account for free. Maybe enter one of the absolutely free contests, and win thousands of dollars of laser cutter, for free?

You don't like the system, don't use it.

Mind the door doesn't hit you on the way out.

your choice - please don't shout it doesn't help.

enjoy youtube.