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Why you love Instructables Answered

I don't know if this can really be categorized as burning question, but it is what it is. This is a topic to post why you love Instructables and enjoy it so much. It is a pretty random topic, so I don't mind if there are random posts. What are you waiting for, tell the world why you love Instructables!


Instructables is awesome because you can post projects here, see someone else's project, win stuff, talk to people and so on!

Why is the sky blue? Who cares? It's frigging blue! Nah, it's just cool. And helpful. And fun. And unique. And nice. And friendly. And orange. It's ORANGE! Enough said.


9 years ago

I can stay hours jumping from an instrctable to another and get many ideas and fun. thanks to you all!!! maurizio

thank you and sorry for the delay!!! happy life!!!

There's all the usual stuff that other people have mentioned - community, creativity and what-not, but in the early days of my membership the attraction was permission.

For years I've had ideas, things that "somebody" should make, and then when I found this site I suddenly realised that "somebody" was me - the existence of this site gave me permission to Make. My ideas didn't have an audience, now they do.

I gained a hobby, and (for complicated personal reasons) a large slice of sanity.

I don't plan on leaving any time soon.

>(for complicated personal reasons) Do tell. :D

I am glad to hear that you don't plan on leaving!

kinda same here, somebody else liked what i liked kind of thing.

As they say over here (and maybe over there too), you hit the nail on the head I believe. The only difference for me is that this site breathed life back into my old hobby (when I was a boy) that I thought had died in me.....it gave me permission to dream again. I like that....


9 years ago

I like it, lots of great ideas and inspiration.

I wouldn't be making anything if it wasn't for Instructables. The only people that would see my projects would be my family and friends that might want to see them. Now I know that if I post an instructable there will be at least one person in the world that would have an interest in the stuff that I make.

I don't know what I would do without you all :-)

and definitely run out of ideas eventually for things to make ;-)

Or all of your great ideas would build up in your head until it exploded : - )

no wonder I was getting those horrible headaches just before I started posting -ibles here........and my wife kept saying it was blood pressure, pffffft. LOL

Now, of course, you have to logg on for medicinal purposes : - )

And I can quote you on that ? LOL To my wife....as an excuse...

Instructables is just so awesome and all the people and projects here make it even more awesome.

I just do. For to many reasons to list. It's one of those things you can't quite explain.


9 years ago

The community. This website has the most tight-knit community possibly on the web, we all have differences, but we have more likenesses. I wish there was a way I could thank the staff...

You would need some sort of a secret website to coordinate it all one, that 's for sure.

Pfft, that too much to do.. I thought we could just show extensive gratitude toward the staff... :D

ive never heard such stupid idea in my life, i mean seriously, who would do something so utterly stupid.

Hey, now. You're the one complaining about bad attitudes on instructibles.

yeah, sorry mate, this entire branch of comments is an 'in' joke.

Not completely sure, I will have to ponder this perplexing question for a while

Heh, oh well, maybe extensive gratitude would be the same.. :D

I think that might work too : - )

Whoever wins the pie contest can make the staff some of their award winning pies : - )

Ya, the staff does a great job. I think that they enjoy the community too. This site does have a great community, which I also enjoy. I think that the differences is part of what makes it fun.

I love learning new things and this is really one of the easiest sites to learn from just because of the layout. It just makes sense. That's why I got hooked at first. But then I stayed for the community. I feel quite at home here - I love brainstorming, discussing, troubleshooting, joking, etc. with everyone. There are so many passionate people here and it's such a healthy and creative environment. Plus, visiting the HQ and meeting everyone only increased my love for the site. :)

Plus, visiting the HQ and meeting everyone only increased my love for the site

Some of us aren't so lucky : (

I recieved this PM from a fellow user, I hope they don't mind me making it public, but his is why I love insructables "Your drill press/lathe idea I wanted to thank you for your idea on how to use your drill press as a lathe. I am making a wooden grandfather clock and the plans call for a "croquet ball" as a pendulum. I decided that rather than use a stock croquet ball, I would prefer to turn a wooden ball to the same dimensions. I found your instructions, cannibalized an old Ryobi cordless drill, glued up a blank and ended up with a perfect 3/5 inch dia. ball. To do the rough shaping of the blank, I used my belt sander while the blank was turning. I did the fine shaping with the Surform plane, wood rasp and sand paper. I wish that I could figure out how to attach a picture to this. The ball came out really nice! Once again, thank you so much for your idea! " Somebody was able to use what I did to solve a problem, maybe it's not curing cancer, but still I helped someone, that's pretty cool.

Those types of PMs are awesome.

"Hey man, just wanted to say that you make a lot of awesome Instructables, and you are t3h pwns. I just saw your ghillie suit and think it's awesome. Splinter Cell games are also awesome.


Also, people posting pictures or comments on your iBle about how they built what you made are awesome.

"Awesome Instructable!
I built one with a few mods (just because of what materials i had at the time)and it works great
I spent a grand total of $1.07 on this, totally worth it."

"This little device right here has just convinced me to get into airsoft. I do love woodsball in all its forms..."