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Why's my amp not working properly? Answered

I have recently built a stereo tda2030a amp. When I plug the power,input and outputs and switch it on, it makes a cracking noise and the left channel doesn't give any sound. I am not able to troubleshoot the actual cause. The schematic:


Start with reversing these two capacitors they are backwards.

C19 and C20 are positive to ground (go by the ground on the other side of the pot, not the positive on the opamp)

Then if it doesn’t work or turns into an oscillator get rid of and parallel these other caps.


Is the right side working correctly?

Check for correct wiring very carefully

Check for solder bridges on the circuit board or what ever you have used.

Check for the correct power supply to the channel.

Swap the Left and right input to make sure it's not the input signal.

If still not working take a very good picture of what you have and post it for a better shot at fault finding.

90% of problems are power supply or soldering issues.

The right channel is giving good sound but sometime makes the cracking sound.

c19 and c20 should not be electrolytic caps. There is AC coming thru the input and electrolytic are d/c only unless you use non polarized caps.

If it was me I would pull all the caps but the two I marked not necessary.