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Wi-Fi USB Adapter or PCI Wireless card Answered

If i use a USB wifi adapter with a manual(hand made) antenna can it work like a PCI wireless card without and antenna.i want to connect to a wireless network (that provide wireless internet) that is in 350 meter distance to my home.i don't want to buy a PCI wireless card (because of it's cost).and want to use a manual antenna like this : Uni-Directional WIFI Range Extender that posted from tm36usa. thnaks very match.



10 years ago

As I understand it, you should be fine with a USB adapter. You may actually save some signal loss in the cable that would normally connect the antenna to the wireless card; since the USB cable is digital and lossless, you gain gain by being able to locate the electronics right at the focal point of your antenna reflector. See also WiFi with cooking equipment

Very thanks for your attention .
I read your comment carefully and i understand that a USB Adapter is a better solution for my problem (than a wireless card) .But why a USB Adapter that have a lower price (than a wireless card) , are better (than a wireless card).Where used a wireless card that a USB Adapter can't use.What is the difference between a USB Adapter and WIreless Card.

wireless adapter cards are more expensive mostly because they're less common. The advantage (theoretically) of the card is that the computer's interface (PCI) to the wireless network is faster and "lower overhead" than the USB connection, but for typical wireless speeds and typical USB loading, it probably doesn't matter.

A good wireless network adapter for usb is cheap and they're really good, my cheap wireless zoom G usb adapter (that's the name but the words might be in a different order) Is running now with a BT homehub (not so great) and one of the best inbuilt aerial solutions I have is a combination of the drinks can antenna (basically just focuses the signal direction) and a stiff USB cable (one that holds it's shape when bent) All you do is point it the right way and the cable holds it in place. Also I've heard good things about most of the similar noname adapters based on netgear and belkins.

As i understand i should just BUY a WIFI USB Adapter and create a manual antenna with using a drink can like Uni-Directional WIFI Range Extender that are that tm36usa posted it . but i think if it's radius is bigger and bigger , it's gain is more and more.and also if it's length are bigger and bigger , it's gain is more and more . whether my think is correct or no? very thanks for ur attention.