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Widow Maker 1.0 Vibra-Bots Answered

Widow maker 1.0

This Vibra bot is based on a wireless battery powered movement sensor light.

The vibrating motor has been wired directly into the LeD array allowing it to autonomously react to different light levels and motion.

Basically it will vibrate, move and light up its LeD's when ever someone walks past it.

It can be very creepy when your not aware it's sitting in the corner, in the dark.

If your wondering about the name, check the pen butane torch strapped to it.


I like the name for it, Window Maker

I like you're 5-minite paint logo

Hey!! That took me six minutes!!

Very nice!
You should so paint him brass. He is screaming Steampunk already.
Maybe I shall make some mechanical Vibra-bots with a twist mechanism to charge a spring. They would be cool.

Thanks. Unfortunately he broke. And so did my soldering iron -_-

Without it protective exo-skeleton.


Blow torch accessory. Ouch that is going to sting.

Yes, yes he is isn't he!? He does quite a bit of damage if you let him loose.

Down at the shops, that would be funny as.!!

How about in some long grass? Maybe not if you live in wildfire country...

Automated land clearers.

This little guy isn't going any where nears combustible materials when it's turned on.

*LftnDbt hears a slight humming noise*
"Hey.... I thought you were turned off...hey HEY!! OOoooowwwWWWW!!!
my hand! Hey HEY stop stop sssSSSTTTOOOPPPP!!!!!!
HHHEEELLL........ "

*The room returns to almost silence as a slight gurgling sound coming from the corner of the room.*

Here we see The Widow Maker and Vibra-cide in there night stalker modes. Quick interchange of accessories is essential when reaction to the environment is needed

Thats the sensor in the middle. Batteries are located underside on the bottom deck.

Side on