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Wierd website shadowing instructables Answered

Ok, i just stumbled upon this wierd website that shadows instructables. And I wonder what the hell that is. Is that legal at all?
Anyways, here it is: http://airy08.com/


Thanks for letting us know. We're choosing the most appropriate smite-hammer for this.

sweat, i wonder if they were about to send around some fishing emails

did we finally kill airy08?

Those threads are rather old though.

also, they don't show anything like a whole website shadowing 'ibles like that one did, it just showes how to use instructables.com the pro way my creating your own URLs

Agreed. So, they're only sort of relevant to the discussion.

not only they removed all copyright notices from the pages but if you look at the page source they are hot linking all the images off instructables/autodesk servers.
This should get interesting....

*Grabs popcorn and waits for the lawyers on monday*

Mr. Snowden called, he would have put up an ible had he not been annoyed with the SPAM in the forums this weekend.

Maybe this Airy08 could do a better job of rolling out new features and truly do QA on the user testing.

Gosh, that is... odd.

also, http://airy08.com/member/Kiteman/

But it is lacking all javascript