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Wifi Dish Umberella Answered

I'm pretty new to the WiFi dish stuff and picked it up pretty quickly. What I wanted to know is if anyone has thought of modding an umbrella slightly to use as a dish and what might be involved. I thought of this when watching The Matrix Revolutions(again)when a dish thing comes out of one of the Sentinels.


I've bin busy with other projects but I finally made a prototype dish from an eight segment compact umbrella. Basically I loosely covered the outside with tin foil stuck down with double-sided carpet tape.

Looked ugly as I had less tape than I thought and had to botch it a bit. Well, it was around 11.30pm when I started it but the end result worked quite well. The WiFi adapter (Phillips SNU600) on its own picked up 3 networks the strongest being around 30%, with dish 11 networks the strongest being 55-62%. Not sure how the Phillips software works it all out tho.

This calls for a cleaned up MK-II Version and WILL be added as an Instructable.

Hi guys. Just finished moving to new house and had to rebuild PC after slight accident (Computers don't bounce). Anyway back to the point, thanks for the site Goodhart. Took a look at the parabolic mic and I'd say it may just do the trick. Got quite few ideas such as using metalic spray paint, tinfoil and wire meshing/fly-screens. I'll keep ya posted.

This is what I would have linked to in my last post if I hadn't been so lazy- Woktenna. They report some pretty good results there.

Tried the strainers and woks but they don't quite work where I am but they do at a friends. I did find a site where they used an umbrella but it didn't really tell me a lot about the build, gains or anything else, however it did say replaced the membrane with fly-screen mesh. Judging by the pictures it looked rough. Can't remember the site as I found it by accident when I was looking for something else. Still, I'm going to give the brolly thing a try and key you guys know the results. I'm not too good at explaining how I do things but also write an Instructable if it works.


10 years ago

Have you read about the people using sieves or chinese strainers as dishes? There are plenty of them around, if you google for "wok fi" or "wifi strainer" or "wifi sieve" you'll find something. Not sure many people have used umbrellas because of the difficulty in attaching a smooth reflecting surface to the inside of the dish, but if you could get it to work it would probably do wonders for your reception. Have you considered looking for an old/abandoned sky dish or similar?

Hmm, some "less angled" parasels might be more suited. . . now where did I see something about this before....BBL with the source (if I can remember where it is) ...