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Wifi Router based radar? Answered

I want to hack a wifi router somehow so that I can reprogram it to act as a radar. Emitting a signal for a microsecond and listening for returns and measuring their intensity. I dont know if the hardware in a router is fast enough for this or if it is possible to find an API or something to reprogram the router.


With a source and atleast 3 recievers i believe it would be possible, say 3 people using the internet at a cafe. The router takes that loss and somehow charts it depending on the mac addresses, data loss/noise, and whatever. A bit complicated but i bet it could be done.

The Wifi antenna isn't particularly directional (by design). Any signal emitted would go in many directions at once. And afterward, you can't easily tell from which direction a signal was received. And that's before we get to whether any of this is feasible in software, CPU cycles, etc.

Not likely to happen, I think.