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Wifi Router to Wifi Router Comms? Answered

Hi all,

i have my Main Wifi router Netgear Wndr4500 and i want to use it to talk to my old Dlink 2730b so i can use the LAN ports on the Dlink.

PayTvBox > DLINK --<WIFI>--Netgear-->internet

i can't use Powerline Ethernet because the surge boards muck with it.



Best Answer 5 years ago

If your DLINK has a client mode it should work....I couldn´t find the manual on the D-Link website....

I used a TL-WA500G from TP-LINK for a similar setup (PC instead of a PayTvBox) and it worked fine...

yes, almost certainly!

So your wanting to convert the old router into a wireless hub. Not really something they can do. You can make it an access pint, repeater or bridge but they only make use of the wifi of the old router. The Ethernet ports are not usable to connect to the network over wifi. If you want to add PC's to a wireless connection then get a USB Wifi dongle for them.

i want to connect devices that don't have the ability to have USB dongle but have an Ethernet port.

is there a model of router that can do it? or is there a specialized device?