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Wii Dilemma (Wiilemma?) Wii have a problem!!! Answered

I just bought a year old used wii. I am worried. I have wi-fi. I want to use the wii with wi-fi. I had read that when the wii launched, a wiiconnect24 update made some wii units completely unusable! I am worried. The people who I bought it from never used wi-fi on the wii. It had a 1 year warranty, which expires in about 3 weeks. I got a good deal on the wii, so shut up. Question: If I update it now, will it crash??


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mines a nov 19 wii ( special edition from the day wii launched) and it works 100%

I already bought, and updated it! I only have Mario Kart wii though. I played online. Next, Im gonna buy the Internet Channel, and borrow a few games from my friends. It's fun!

cool, i got my internet channel free, because I was one of the first people to get it , and was a tester.

Thanks for your help guys! I accepted the offer! I will pick it up in the next week! Good to know I can always count on you people!

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I haven't heard about this from anyone I know that has one. Just update it!


9 years ago

I have a friend who bought a used Wii. He never had the problem you talked about. You should be fine.


9 years ago

Sell it for more than you paid for. ;-)

For 200, I get the wii, wii sports obviously, 2 wiimotes, 2 nunchuks, mario cart wii and 2 of those steering wheel things for the wiimote. Sweet deel!

Just do it! It was a firmware problem, I'm sure they fixed it, and if not it's still under warranty.

Mine works perfectly fine with wi-fi. It's all up to date. Plus, you answered yourself in your post. The warranty expires in 3 weeks. If it's during an upgrade, and nothing of your fault, it would not be unreasonable for them to fix the problem.

I said the 3 weeks thing, but I don't really know if it still has a warranty....

From what I've heard, the only people who have had broken wii's after an update hacked their wii's and used homebrew software on them. As long as you don't do that sort of stuff (homebrew channel), you'll probably be fine. I think you can still use WiFi & disable updates, though...