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Wii VR, the fun of 3D without those silly goggles Answered

Here's a cool new use for the Wii. Instead of holding the Wii remote in his hands, Johnny Lee, a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon, puts the Wii remote on the TV and puts a couple of IR LEDs on a pair of goggles, reversing the usual setup. This way the TV knows where he is and can adjust the image on the screen for a nice 3D effect.

He explains the setup and starts the comparison of normal vs. his Wii VR at 2:30.

via Neatorama


I wouldn't call this 'without those silly goggles' he has to stick lights on his head to work it. :P Stil it is pretty cool.

This is a really awesome video. Nice find!

Thats pretty cool, but the basic technique is rather old news, I think I even read here about the Wii-Remote/IR (but as input device)?
Even a few computer magazines wrote about this.

Still, while the effect is awesome, it does not replace 3D Googles or 3D screens with eyetracking.and lenticularlenticular displaysheets.
Surely, while moving you can get the impression of 3d/perspecitve/depth, but when looking at it while remaining at the same angle you will still receive only one image for both eyes. Thats what the googles or special displays come in, since they will allways give you a impression of depth.
Somehow this reminds me of the pulfrich effect googles, where the impression of depth is only there while there is motion.

The video's a couple months old, it's true. Also, you have a good point about the effect since it's more dramatic when shown the camera footage. All the same, the ability to duck and dodge is one that can be pretty easily implemented into a game. Or keeping balance in a skateboarding game.

That is cool. Where do you find these things?