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Wild & Wicked Weapons Answered

Popsci has an awesome compilation of some ridiculous weapons developed by the military. Some of them are old and discontinued, like the Gay bomb (yes, they were considering developing a bomb that turns you gay). And others that are pretty cutting edge, like the railgun that fires a 7 pound shell at 7 times the speed of sound and some remote controlled cyborg spy moths.

Here's a link, check it out:
Worlds Spookiest Weapons

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Some of those weapons are cool but some were kind of odd.

Some of those have been kicking around for years - "rods from god" used to be called Thor. It wasn't so complex as the version mooted - just a metal bar with a camera on the front, fins on the back and enough propellant to de-orbit on command.

A crowbar-sized weapon should be able to obliterate a truck-sized target without warning. Larger versions would destroy proportionally-larger targets.

"Rods from God" were in a book I read recently: Tom Clancy's Endwar. I didn't know they were real... does the UK have an orbiting lazer too?! Anyway, it's too late to look at the link now, I'll check it out tomorrow.

Oh, we don't have them, I just know about them. I first encountered them in Niven and Pournelle's Footfall (it's a little dated, politically, but still a good dread).

Good Dread? ;-) Baby Elephants with hang gliders, how can you beat that? Oh right, it also has Project Orion in it. Damn fun book.


10 years ago

Hold on, a 64 megajoule railgun that can hit a 5m target from 200 nautical miles away? That could plug my room... from Holland, and still probably hit with the destructive force of an anti-tank mine.

I like railguns, but that's just crazy. I bet the 200-nautical-mile design range is so it can fire from international waters...


10 years ago

Where it says metal storm, the real metal storm is much bigger with many side by side barrels that shoot at one millon rounds a minute

Going along with Spl1nt3rC3lls' theme, "metal warm" is a book I am currently reading. Hmm.....Maybe there is something going on here? <_

it was on future weapons a year or two ago