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Wild Planet SpyCams Answered

Wild Planet Toys gave us some Digital Spy Cams to give away during our September (and October!) project contests! Check here for more information.

The SpyCam takes 20 640x480 pictures. While this might not be enough pictures to fully document a project, the camera itself is ripe for hacking. It's super small and light and only requires a single AAA battery. I can imagine loading it on a model rocket, plane, or something else that flies. When connected to a computer, it can take continuous images. With some code and some patience, you could probably connect this to an Ipod or other storage device and make a video camera light enough to be carried by kite or candle powered hot air balloon.

All except the first two images were taken by the SpyCam.



4 years ago

I just want that piece of wonderful looking Italian bread. Hey, I'm a bread freak.


11 years ago

Looks to be a good camera, but would be better if you could put SD cards in it. Maybe "upgrading" it so it will accept them. I'll have to try that when I win... :P