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Will Delta T30 fence fit a Craftman 10 Table saw circa 1970? Answered

I have a 1970 Craftsman 10 in. table saw which has a cast tiron table  27 in. wide and 1.5 in. thick.  I need to replace the rip fence.  Approximately 0.75- 0.85 inches of the casting is available for locationg new holes.  Will the Delta T-30 fence mount to this?  Drilling new holes isn't a problem, I just don't know the geometry of the Delta fence and mounting system requirements.    Apparently, Lowe's no longer carries this product, but it appears to be available from on line sources.

Saw Model no is 113.29940




8 years ago

It should. It's made for retrofit on these kinds of saws. One problem might be that it is too long and hangs off the rear edge of the table.

If it were me, I'd buy from somewhere with a good return policy and try it out.  Can't beat a good fence, any if your fence is anything like mine for an '80s saw it could really use some improving.