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Will I still have 3G access if I buy a used Kindle? Answered

It seems like such a simple question, but I can't seem to find a clear answer. I seem to recall reading a while back that the 3G access was tied to the account, not the Kindle, so if you bought a used one the subscription wouldn't transfer. Other places seem to suggest that you have to somehow transfer its registration with Amazon.

Amazon doesn't have any answers, they want you to buy a new one.

And yes, I know not all Kindles are built for 3G access, let's assume that I'm getting one that is.


The 3G access is tied to the Kindle, BUT, you couldn't buy one in the U.S. and take it to another country and expect it to work the same way. (Release dates for outside of the U.S. are still pending. (Last time I looked). The access is also listed as "Experimental web browsing available via Wi-Fi" (in limited countries) but at the same time says you can connect to the Kindle Store, download books and periodicals and access Wikipedia (U.S.)

Here's some half decent info for you to read. There's links to their coverage maps and to their Terms and Conditions relative to any "additional charges" that aren't covered by the 3G 'umbrella'.

(Something tells me once you find the answer, you'll qualify as an FBI agent).

I forgot to actually say.... that the link I gave you is from their Used Kindle sales page. They don't actually say one way or another if you automatically have 3G access when you buy used, but from what I read, it seems as though you get the service via the Kindle (paid by Amazon), but you more than likely have to register (so they know who to bill when you incur "additional charges").

I didn't even realize Amazon had a Used Kindle sales page! Somehow it never came up when I've looked before. But now it seems I can pick up a Kindle 2 for under $70 with shipping through Amazon itself, rather than schmoozy dealers on eBay or Craigslist, which makes me wonder how I haven't bought one yet.

Double-checking with another source before you're Best Answered, though :P

Somewhat bought my thing, money finally came in today, purchased a refurbished Keyboard 3G model this morning, which will get here in {too many} to {way too many} days. Thanks for the help.

Yay! At least your making progress now. Although I can sympathize... they can never deliver these things fast enough. :-P

You're welcome, and thanks for the best answer. ;-)

I'm currently awaiting a customer to buy my Amazon listing so I'll have free money and not feel bad buying something that is undeniably a Want rather than a Need.

Fear not, you shall be remembered.

When to Kindle is sold (or bought) it should be de registered and then re registered to your account.

If the buyer doesn't de register it you could buy books on their account - Yippieee!

When you register it to your account you should get full facilities. At least that's how it works in the UK.

lol I got 2 used kindles- both registered... got some $150 in pre-loaded books :) for $36! :)

Good Buy! Are they still registered to the original user account?

One was- it had a broken screen but I replaced it. De registered- didnt want to muck about with credit card issues, and there was a notification about credit card problems on it. I did, however, check the archived items ;)

The other kindle was the donator screen to fix the first- It doesn't start up but it randomly turned on once and I was able to grab what book I could off of its memory. I assume it is still registered.

I've never used the 3G on mine, I much prefer to use a usable book management program like Calibre rather than the rubbish that amazon tote.

Not that that answers your question, sorry. Feel free to chat to me on IRC about it if you want to ask ereader questions. Steve and Liz both have one too, as does AB1 IIRC.