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Will Regular Headphones ( Ring Tip Sleeve ) work on a iPod? Answered

I changed out the sound system in a truck one of My friend is going to sell.
When I finished He asked Me if I wanted a iPod Nano that He does not use
anymore. He used it to plug into his truck stereo and He lost track of the
headphones. Being I don't like things stuck in my ears I never got into
the iPod thing. My anniversary is coming up in a few days and I though
I would give it to my wife since She's into that kind of thing. She has some
earbuds for her mp3 player and I was wondering if they would work.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes, they will. I've used tons of different aftermarket headphones with my Nano. The larger ones eat batteries like candy, but they work.


Answer 8 years ago

if the male jack is too big or 2 small go pick up an adapter from radio shack or fry's.