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Will Saltwater Ruin Cellphones/MP3 Players? Answered

Ok im goin on a trip to Key West this weekend..gone be there all spring break! But the people im going with say no cellphones/mp3 players cause the saltwater/salty air could ruin them. I don't think its true, how would kids that live at the beach have cellphones? Oh and is there anything I can buy that has a USB connection at one end and a wall plug at the other? Like a cord? Thanks EDIT: OK the trip is over, and it was awsome!! I didnt take my phone on the boat...screw it. I survived too!


There are commercial solutions to protect your cell phone from water. But a large plastic bag and some rubber bands should be quite sufficient for a weekend trip. However, I suspect that the people you are going with were just trying to find a polite way to tell you that it seriously gets on their nerves when people are zoned out on music or babbling away on the phone during a beautiful sunny day at the beach. It's worth asking if you can bring your electronics if you promise to turn off the ringer on the phone and save the music for nighttime.

If you drop your phone in the sea it is likely to be knackered from it.

Perhaps the message is "leave your phone and your life behind and forget about that?

If you're taking a break, take a break - tell people you're doing that and not to bother trying to contact you 'cos you won't be taking your phone with you.


Good idea...but thing is were gone be on a boat alot of times...and only two people can fish at one time. So that puts another 6 people sitteing around doing nothing. And its gone be a 10+ hr drvie.

You could, like, talk to the other people on the boat. Or play cards. But really, as long as you don't drop your phone in the water it'll be fine.